Who We Are

We are some of the over 300 Sun City Center residents who have ties to New England. We're Year-Rounders. We're Snowbirds. Our Club represents all six states, with some of our members claiming ties to several New England states.

The New England Club of Sun City Center holds three festive events per year: the Ham & Bean Dinner in February, the Spring Fling in April, and the Fall Social in November.


We will do our best to keep this website current. Your news, your photos of New England(ers), and your corrections are always welcome. 

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Upcoming Events 


Greetings Fellow New Englanders (and New Englanders at heart).

Your club officers and directors met on February 25th and decided that it is best to postpone the Ham & Bean Dinner until November 11, 2021.


We are still planning on hosting an event on May 13 in the South Campus Community Hall.  This event is contingent on the County COVID infection rate dropping below 5% soon enough for us to solidify and implement an event plan.  Stay tuned for more details.


We also decided that the NEC will sponsor outdoor barbecues in the south campus over by the horseshoe pits.  We are hopeful that we can start these barbecues by Memorial Day.  The initial thinking is to have Burgers and Dogs, with small bags of chips and bottled water.  Details still need to be worked out with the CA.


Again I want to emphasize that the NEC is  YOUR club, and if you have any ideas, suggestions, or criticisms please email me at mburn51@icloud.com.  Last month we got a suggestion that, when we hold events, we have games and competitions to make the events fun.  That was a great suggestion which we plan on implementing.


Thank you for your time and interest,


Mike Burnham, President

Save These Dates 

Advance Reservations


Spring Social


May 13, 2021

at SCC Community Hall


Summer BBQ's

Coming soon!

May, June, July,

August, 2021

Ham & Bean Dinner


November 11, 2021

at SCC Community Hall


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