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On February 5, 188 members from all 6 New England states gathered in the Community Hall to feast on ham, hot dogs, baked beans, and apple pie. Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships created.  The Game Majority Rules elicited much laughter.  

President Bob Sanchez welcomed everyone to the annual meeting.  Membership voted approval of new Membership Secretary Susan Wright, along with the continuation of the other four officers.  Sincere appreciation was expressed for Gene Raymond's more than four years of deligently organzing and maintaining our Membership list.   

Treasurer Greg McKeown summarized the club's financial state.  Membership count is over 200.  Proceeds from dues and events enables the club to donate back to your community and raffle gift card prizes at events.

This was the first time in over 25 years Dan Patch was unable to attend.  Read John Bowker's story.

Many thanks to the dedicated organizers:  John & Lyn Sherburne, Dick Young, Elaine Aquilino, Greg & Faye McKeown and our energetic volunteers. 

Faye McKeown congratulating one of the lucky 50/50 raffle winners.

Dick Young with Dan Patch (2018)

Cindy Daigle, Donna Barrett and Marty Barrett 

IBarbara Bukowski,

John Bukowski,

Bob Harris

Shirley Harris

Dick & Cecile Young

Claire & George Mutti

Your meal was prepared by John & Lyn Sherburne,  Grattan & Barbara Murphy, Claire & George Mutti,  Dick & Cecile Young,  Bill & Karin Shirley,  Bob Dufrense,  Claire & Len Finnegan.

Greg McKeown, Eric Anderson, Linda Anderson and Dick Young.

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