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2021 Ham & Bean Dinner

Veteran's Tribute.  Art work by Faye McKeown.

Dick Young with Dan Patch (2018)

Left to right: President Mike Burnham, Past Presidents John Bukowski, John Bowker, Dick Young and Bob Sanchez.

New Englanders love keeping traditions.  During a worldwide pandemic traditions are difficult to keep.  Our favorite event historically occurs in February but the Community was in COVID lockdown.  Better late than never! November 11th 114 members from all 6 New England states gathered on Veteran's day at the Community Hall.  John Sherburne oversaw the preparation of the annual feast:  Baked ham, hot dogs, baked beans, brown bread with butter, potato salad, cole slaw and apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships created.  The Game Majority Rules elicited much laughter.  

President Mike Burnham  welcomed everyone to the annual meeting and acknowleged the service of veterans.  Membership voted approval of the current officers all serving another term. our officers.    

Treasurer Greg McKeown summarized the club's financial state.  Membership count is over 200.  Proceeds from dues and events enables the club to donate back to your community and raffle gift card prizes at events.

John Bowker expressed a heartfelt tribute to Dan Patch who passed away in June.  Dan founded this very unique event more than 25 years ago.  Read John Bowker's tribute.

For the past several years your meal has been prepared by John & Lyn Sherburne,  Grattan & Barbara Murphy, Dick & Cecile Young,  Bill & Karin Shirley. This year they were joined by Bill Zeller.

Many thanks to the dedicated organizers:  John & Lyn Sherburne, Elaine Aquilino, Greg & Faye McKeown, Mae-Ellen Dowdy and our energetic volunteers. 


Veteran Jim Schwartz won the tribute painting.  50/50 raffle winners:  Donald Kabula, Gerry Ready and Linda Anderson. 

Kitchen Crew: (left to right) Grattan Murphy, Bill Zeller, Dick Young and Bill Shirley. 

Greeting our members: Elaine Aquilino and Linda Bowker. 


John Sherburne preparing the brown bread.

Ed & Mae-Ellen Dowdy selling 50/50 tickets to Cindy Daigle and Melissa Burnham.

Publicity Director Faye McKeown foreground.


Barry & Janice Woodland

Mark Vietzke blessing our Veterans for their sacrifices. 


New club member Larry Culley served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Historian John Bowker memorializing his long time friend Dan Patch.

Dick & Cecile Young

President Mike Burnham (top)

Treasurer Greg McKeown (left)

Vice Pres Eric Anderson (below)

Table 1 Anne Ladue & Joan Bartosiewicz both seated.

Barbara D'Entremont

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