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August Cookout                          September Cookout 

Snap, Crackle, Pop!   Thirty hearty new Englanders did not let stormy summer weather deter them from having a good time on August 12th.     


Many thanks to our unflagging volunteers:  Bob & Kathy Chrystie, Cindy Daigle, Mark Vietzke, Linda Anderson, Anne Marie Peach, John & Linda Bowker, Mae-Ellen & Ed Dowdy,  Mike Burnham, Elaine Aquilino.

Nonstop conversation and jovial laughter permeated the air as more than 40 New Englanders enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs. 

Scroll down to learn the names of the energetic volunteers who make these events possible.  Not shown:  Mae-Ellen Dowdy, Melissa Burnham, Bob Sanchez, Donna Barrett, Greg McKeown

President Mike Burnham saying a few words.

Anne Marie Peach and Kathy Chrystie

Bill Zeller

Carol Zeller (on the left)

Deborah and Ray Tourangeau

President Mike Burnham

Faye McKeown

Lori Germain


St. Onge

Carmine Aquilino & 

Anne Marie


Cindy Daigle & Elaine Aquilino

Linda & John Bowker

MIke Lane

Rita Hale (on the right)

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