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On February 8, 203 members from all 6 New England states gathered in the Community Hall to feast on ham, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, and apple pie with Vermont cheddar cheese. Topping it all off was plenty of friendship and conversation.

President Dick Young welcomed everyone. The club had planned to honor Dan Patch for his running the dinner for 24 straight years. Dan couldn't make it, so an award will be brought to him. In addition to a restaurant gift certificate, Dan and his wife will have free admission to future dinners for the rest of their lives.

In the only official business, the membership voted unanimously to approve a few bylaw changes.


Dick said he would like someone else to take over his job, as he's done it for 7 years.

Treasurer Greg McKeown said that the purpose of the $5 dues is to help the Club maintain an accurate membership count. The money will go back to the members, mostly in the form of prizes.

Kudos to the hard-working committee:

Elaine Aquilino, Charles & Valerie Barnard, Donna Barrett, Barbara & John Bukowski, Cindy Daigle, Ed & Mae-Ellen Dowdy, Shirley Harris, Faye & Greg McKeown, Barbara & Grattan Murphy, Claire Mutti, Pat Parmenter, Gene Raymond , Lee & Nancy Saunders, John & Lyn Sherburne, Bill & Karin
Shirley, Cecile & Richard Young.

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