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Inaugural Cookout May 13, 2021

NEC donated to the SCC Charitable Foundation.  Pictured left to right: New England  Treasurer Greg McKeown, Secretary Elaine Aquilino, President Mike Burnham, Foundation representative Jim Porrett, President Walt Cawein, Treasurer Frank Reid, and Maggie Pliska.

On May 13, 70+ members from all 6 New England states gathered for the first time since February 2020.  An outdoor cookout was deemed a safe way for members to gather as COVID19 pandemic social restrictions were  easing up.   Club President Mike Burnham manned the grill, serving up hambugers and hot dogs  amid a lively crowd.   Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships created.    Treasurer Greg McKeown welcomed 16 new members.  


Many thanks to the energetic volunteers:  Elaine & Carmine Aquilino, Bob Sanchez, Faye McKeown, Mae-Ellen & Ed Dowdy, Donna Barrett, Anne Marie Peach, John & Linda Bowker, Loren St. Onge, and Dick Young.

Mike Burnham grilling at the inaugural cookout.   Marty Barrett in the background. 

Dick Young enjoying a grilled burger  

Perfect weather to be outdoors.  Barbara & Loren St. Onge on the right. 

More photos coming soon!

Donna Barrett serving cookies

Faye McKeown serving burgers and hot dogs

Attendees were greeted by John Bowker, Linda Bowker and Elaine Aquilino

Greg McKeown signing up new members

Jane & Vern Elarth 

Mike Burnham, Greg McKeown, Mark Spaulding

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