The vitality of The Sun City Center New England Club thrives through the energetic involvement of its Officers and Board of Directors.  Your Club stays lively and healthy when members like you share ideas and participate in preparing events. So whether you can commit for a year on the Board or for an evening at an event, we welcome you. Please contact President Bob Sanchez (813)334-3482 to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to attend an upcoming board meeting. 


Bob Sanchez, President

Eric Anderson, Vice President

Greg McKeown, Treasurer

Susan Wright, Membership 

Elaine Aquilino, Secretary/Website


Linda Anderson

Melissa Burnham

Michael Burnham

Mae-Ellen Dowdy

Howard Hatch

Terry Hatch

Faye McKeown

 John Sherburne



John Bowker

Donna Barrett

Cindy Daigle

Ed Dowdy

Claire & Len Finnegan

Ann Funicello

Darla Hartman

Grattan & Barbara Murphy

Claire & George Mutti

Lyn Sherburne

Karin & Bill Shirley 

Mark Vietzke

Dick & Cecile Young

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